10 of the best Earth Day ideas & activities

By Holly Johnson | April 20, 2022

How you can make a difference, raise awareness and involve the kids this Earth Day. Scroll down for a free PDF download!

Did you know that the first Earth Day was in 1970? Now over 1 billion people around the world take part in this day of action, to call for change in human behaviour and global, national and local policy changes. But how can we do our bit? Here are a few ideas for taking part and inspiring others…

  • Get talking!
    Whether it’s sharing posts on social media or chatting to friends, family and neighbours, get the discussion going. Everyone has something they’re passionate about – whether it’s pollution, fast fashion, wildlife conservation or sustainable eating, sometimes a simple conversation can plant the seed for us to make changes that will help our planet.
  • Get colleagues involved
    If you’re working in an office, school or other public place, mark Earth Day by making it different. Why not ask everyone to bring in plant-based dishes to share at lunchtime, or challenge yourselves to go plastic-free for the day? You could also hand out bee-friendly seeds for colleagues to plant in their gardens, or do an Earth Day quiz.
  • Think food waste
    Food waste contributes huge amounts to global CO2 emissions, so see if you and your family or friends can go a whole day without throwing away any food! Could those broccoli stalks be used in a soup or stock? Or how about growing a tomato from that wilting slice leftover from lunch? Food waste champions to follow for recipes and tips include Max La Manna, Jack Monroe and Anne-Marie Bonneau.
Max La Manna is a whizz at cooking delicious meals from leftover veg
  • Connect with nature
    Use Earth Day as an excuse to remind yourself how beautiful the Earth is and how important it is that we take care of it. Wake up early and go for a run, head to the park on your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk, or make a picnic and head out to watch the sunset.
  • Leave your car at home
    According to GreenChoices.org, very short journeys are too short to warm up the car’s engine, so it will be running inefficiently, burning more fuel and creating more pollution. How many times do we quickly nip to the shops in the car, rather than walking or taking our bike? Use Earth Day as a chance to slow down, enjoy the exercise and save money on petrol!

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  • Get planting!
    Earth Day falls at the perfect time of year, so there’s no excuse not to get out in the garden and fill your beds, borders and pots with seedlings and plants. The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) has a fantastic guide on what to plant for pollinators like bees, how to replace fences with living plants and what to plant in small spaces.
  • Go vegan for the day
    Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change due to the amount of land and water it requires and the amount of waste and pollution it creates. Use Earth Day as an opportunity to discover vibrant new plant-based dishes, and you’ll get extra Earth Day points for using local, organic or seasonal veg too!
  • Don’t buy anything!
    Whether it’s food, fashion or technology, our constant desire to consume is depleting the planet’s resources. Use Earth Day as your chance to save money and not make that online purchase, or make do with what you have in the fridge instead of ordering a takeaway.
  • Save water
    Reducing our water usage saves energy and leaves more for our ecosystems. Try turning off your tap when you brush your teeth, take less baths, fix leaky taps, and avoid watering the plants unless necessary. The bonus is you’ll save money, too!
  • Turn off the lights
    As the sun sets on Earth Day, turn off your power and enjoy an hour of simple, back-to-basics living. If you have children, they will love the excitement of lighting candles and playing card games instead of watching TV or playing online games. You could even light a fire pit in the garden and toast marshmallows or S’mores. It’s a great opportunity to bring the family together to remember what’s really important in life.
Why not camp in the garden for Earth Day and only use solar power or candles?

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