12 ways to boost your confidence

By Cara Waudby Tolley | June 20, 2022

Follow these expert tips to help you regain your confidence, says Matilda Head.

1. Introduce affirmations to your life

“Start with three basic affirmations such as ‘I am strong’, ‘I can do this’, or ‘I am loved’ and practise saying them in front of the mirror each day.

This will remind you that you have every reason to be confident. Another tip I give to my clients is to spend your time doing something you love. If your time is spent working in a job you love, spending time with people you love, and engaging in hobbies you love, you will feel a great sense of belonging that will inevitably boost your confidence.”

Ray Sadoun, mental health specialist at OK Rehab.

2. Find your yoga flow

“The ‘yoga glow’ is real (and not just from sweat!) It’s about taking time for yourself, doing something
that makes you feel great. When you feel truly present with your body, this helps build confidence and focus your mind.

Deep and calming breath work will enable you to feel stronger and more grounded and you will start to walk and talk proudly, with your head held high and your chest open.”

Kat Farrants, founder of online yoga platform Movement For Modern Life.

3. Believe in yourself

“Confidence is about trusting yourself. Can you trust that whatever happens, you’ll handle it?

Trusting yourself comes from experience. You can build it up by starting with small daily actions that take you towards an area you want to feel confident in. Each time you complete a mini action, you are building trust in yourself and your confidence will grow symbiotically.”

Lyndsey Whiteside, master life coach.

4. ‘Tapping’ for confidence

“EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – also known as ‘tapping‘ – is an energy psychology technique involving physical taps on certain body points. It can be beneficial for confidence boosting as it helps you to transform your negative beliefs and thoughts into more positive ones as you couple the acupressure technique with positive affirmations.

“Tapping these meridian points while repeating positive affirmations out loud helps to remove the emotional or energetic block from the body’s bio-energy field to help restore homeostasis and balance the body.”

Rochelle Knowles, founder of Mindful Eyes.

5. Trust your intuition

“We all have an inner satellite navigation (aka our intuition) that guides us. Often, we ignore it – especially if it is telling us something our ego doesn’t like! Learning to tune into and trust our intuition creates a deeper connection with self.

“If we learn to trust ourselves it affects our core confidence and as a result how we navigate our lives and make decisions. We begin to strengthen our emotional health. Creating a daily meditation practice even for just 10 minutes is a great way to tune out the noise and strengthen your intuition.”

Success Coach and NLP Practitioner, Victoria Watson.

6. Practise makes perfect

“We’ve lost some of the confidence that helps us to navigate our world – both the joys and the difficulties – and the easing of lockdown may provide something of a sensory overload.

To find that you’re struggling with seemingly everyday things might even come as a surprise, and the fact that it’s unexpected probably makes it even more daunting. Take your time and look for ways to practise rebuilding your confidence. Start small and build your way up.”

Kirsty Lilley, mental health expert at CABA.

7. Be kind to your body

“Let’s ban self-loathing! Stop self sabotaging! Knowing your faults and being able to see through it is a huge step in self-acceptance.

But as an aesthetic doctor and a psychiatrist I see so many patients loathing their bodies and actively trying to find faults. This really interferes with body confidence and leads to self shaming. So, I always urge my patients, and myself, to be kind to yourself and to only use positive language when referring to your body. It’s crucial! Words have power!”

Dr Galyna, cosmetic doctor and psychiatrist @dr_galyna

8. Take a leap of faith

“Many people seek to build their confidence in order to take a particular action – ie, ‘I want to be
more confident in order to change jobs, seek a new relationship or engage in public speaking.‘

But, to feel more confident, you need to simply reverse this process – ie, the action comes first. Take that leap of faith – step out of your thoughts and into action. Once you are ‘doing’ you will feel empowered from the step you‘ve taken and your confidence will naturally build.”

Law of Attraction coach Carolyne Bennett.

9. Use your support system for a boost

”If you’re lacking confidence and need a boost, one thing you can do is to reach out to three of your closest friends or family, asking them to tell you the three qualities they admire in you the most. It will take a little bit of courage to do this, but what you hear back will be so worth the effort.

Quite often we don’t realise our own strengths but it’s guaranteed that the people who love you the most see them. Use their positive feedback to drive you forward in the direction you want to go in.”

Lydia Kimmerling, The Happiness Coach at The Happiness Explorer.

10. Ignore your past limits

“I would advise every individual to detach themselves from the past. When we’ve had parents or even teachers who consistently put their finger on what was wrong, we’re going to tend to do the same. So put the past in its place, reconsider the criticisms of your parents and build our own system of values, our own personal scale.

For most of us, people responsible for our education have given us loads of limiting beliefs that maintain a negative outlook and state of mind about ourselves. Giving them back their own convictions and building our own belief systems that are unique to us will dramatically increase our confidence.”

Stéphanie Tumba, multi-award-winning writer.

11. Celebrate your independence

“Find your own way of being, doing and thinking – whether it is for your health, your career, or your relationships. Remember what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you and comparing yourself to others is guaranteed to push you down a confidence and-joy draining black hole.

So, find your own way of appreciating the skin you are in, rather than wasting your energy chasing someone else’s way of being. Confidence is built by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – be open to experimenting with new ideas, activities, hobbies and even careers and find something that works for you.”

Kate Morris-Bates, Clinical Therapist, Wellness Expert and Founder of Inside Out Wellness

12. Cultivate your wellness routine

“When you start to make time for yourself and prioritise your internal and external health, your confidence will grow naturally. Use half an hour in the morning or before bed to treat yourself. This could be incorporating or enhancing an existing skincare routine, taking a relaxing bath, or practicing a mindful hobby. Maintaining this allows self-esteem to grow as the effects of the routine begin to show both inside and out.

A relaxed mind can function better in everyday tasks and when you’re able to concentrate fully on the jobs at hand you will perform better, adding an extra boost.”

Margo Marrone, founder of wellness brand The Organic Pharmacy.