How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

By planetm | April 8, 2021

These powerful mindset tools can help you cultivate abundance in all areas of your life, says life coach and Strictly Come Dancing star Camilla Sacre-Dallerup.

It is possible to see extraordinary, magical things happen in your life when you switch your limited beliefs to an abundance mindset.

In fact, I see these happening in the lives of my clients and my own life all the time. There is so much power in trusting that you have enough and believing that you do!

What difference an abundance mindset can make

When I was training as an athlete and working my way up the professional dance ladder, there was a time when money was really tight and I didn’t know how I’d pay the rent.

It was a worrying time, but I realised that I had two choices: I could choose to believe that everything was going to work out – or that it wouldn’t.

By choosing to trust and believe, I began to find that opportunities would come my way out of the blue. Things suddenly started to align.

One minute I didn’t know how to pay the rent, the next a job opportunity arose that seemingly came from nowhere!

I believe that those sorts of opportunities came because I chose to trust. And with a little guidance and mind training, you too can start to see the magic happen.

Abundance mindset

How to cultivate your own abundance mindset

Having a lack mindset or allowing your negativity bias to be in charge can hugely affect your confidence, especially if you’re experiencing a challenging situation, such as being passed over for promotion, having an unsupportive partner, getting over a break-up, or being out of work for a while. In these situations, you may be feeling sad, low, and querying whether you are ‘good enough’.

Sometimes we think that things might not work out because we only see the situation in that moment.

While we may not have abundance right there and then, we need to instead consider how we can align ourselves with the vibration and frequency of abundance.

That means trusting and believing in ourselves. It also means believing that we are worthy of success, earning good money and receiving amazing opportunities, so working on one’s worth is key.

Blaming everybody else won’t help you get into an abundance mindset but taking responsibility, nurturing your inner confidence and opening up your mind to the possibility that good things will flow your way, will!

Ask yourself now what needs to happen for you to feel good enough all the time. It could be a simple thing like learning to set boundaries in your life or learning to say ‘no’.

What is extraordinary is that we almost always know the answers in our hearts and minds, if we just take the time to actually listen to the messages our bodies and minds send us.

Feeling good enough in ourselves is the foundation on which we can build everything else in our lives. Once you’ve learned that, happiness will flood into every aspect of your life.

How an abundance mindset can improve your relationships

When it comes to relationships and abundance, living in an abundance mindset means you’ll stop accepting behaviour that’s not OK, because you’re not afraid of losing something.

For example, moving on from a friendship or relationship, because it’s no longer serving you in a positive way, or vice versa. Maybe you’re not feeling comfortable with it anymore, or you’re not an energetic match – that’s OK!

Having an abundance mindset means you’ll believe that you’ll have great relationships with other people; you could let go of a relationship because you truly believe that another one will come your way.

It comes back to not having the fear of losing; being in that abundance mindset means that rather than focusing on the fear of loss, you’re actually focusing on what you will gain as you make space for it.

Becoming more self-aware – being conscious of your own actions and taking responsibility for your behaviour – is key to strengthening connections with loved ones, too. It will help you set boundaries for yourself so you can feel comfortable in every relationship you have.

Attract healthy relationships

How to be more confident

Whether you’re feeling doubtful about your goals and ambitions, or have a life-altering decision to make, re-framing is a powerful mind tool that can support an abundance mindset and help steer you onto your true path.

If you start to feel your negativity bias go towards doubt and fear, positively reframing your thoughts and self-talk will take you back to a place of clarity and focus – but it won’t happen overnight!

Our minds need time to be nurtured and trained – just as we’d train our bodies for a marathon – and that means daily practise!

Start by writing down a situation that is bothering you right now, and then consider this statement: ‘We are the authors of our own life stories.’ In other words, the thoughts that we think, and the words that we speak, impact how our lives pan out.

Look back at the situation you wrote down and describe next to it why it’s bothering you.

When you’ve done that, take a look at how you have described the situation, and especially the words you used. Were you blaming everyone else or did you take responsibility, too?

What words can you use to positively re-frame your description and nurture your abundance mindset?

How an abundance mindset can attract money

Get into the belief that whatever you want – be it a better paid job, or having more savings – is possible and that you are worthy of it.

However, it is also crucial to be vigilant about your narrative about money. What I mean is, what is the one thing you say about money that could be blocking your financial flow? Say it out loud and write it down. Now, read that sentence and consider what you can do to make it more supportive.

For example, if you say ‘I never have enough’, then that’s going to be the truth, because, subconsciously, we look for the proof of what we believe in.

If you change that sentence to ‘I always have enough’, you will probably find that you will always have enough. That may be hard to believe, but think back to point one and how sometimes we think that things might not work out because we only see the situation in that moment.

Piggy bank

People who say ‘I’ve never gone without’ may have never gone without because that’s what they believe. You have to be wise about the words you use to create your money story – words have power!

How an abundance mindset can bring love into your life

We are all mirrors to each other, so before you try to attract someone, it’s helpful to start by looking within.

Ask yourself if you need to change from the inside to strengthen your abundance mindset. For example, you could ask yourself ‘Is there a part of me that I can love more?’ and ‘How can I feel more confident and comfortable with myself and what can I do to work on my insecurities?’.

You could also ask yourself what kind of old wounds you can let go of before you meet someone new.

When you feel whole, enough and worthy, and respect yourself and are kind to yourself, that’s what you’ll attract to your life. Be mindful of that!

It’s also worth remembering that if you want to meet someone who has certain attributes (e.g. kind, loving, committed) you need to make sure that you can provide those things too.

Sometimes, without realising, we can expect a partner to commit more than we are willing to commit ourselves. We want them to love us more than we are willing to love ourselves and, really, is that logical and fair?

Write a list of the top attributes you want in a partner and take it seriously.

The words could be: kind, makes me laugh, calm, physically attractive, lives in the same town/city, loves being with me and the family, financially independent, confident, mentally and physically available (not married/in a relationship!), etc.

Keep it somewhere safe and get on with your life.

Keep nurturing that abundance mindset, make sure your list is what you want and keep a note of the qualities that you can bring to the relationship too. Then watch some serious magic happen!

About the author

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is a former Strictly Come Dancing champion, life coach and author of Dream Believe Succeed – Strictly Inspirational Actions For Achieving Your Dreams. Follow her at @camilladallerup.

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