Journaling Prompts for Mindfulness and Reflection

By planetm | July 22, 2021

Are you struggling to get started with keeping a journal? Matilda Head shares some journaling prompts for beginners, to get you into daily writing.

Keeping a diary or journaling is one of the most effective ways to practice mindfulness, with daily reflection acting to ground you in the present and helping you to achieve your goals.

However, you might find yourself wondering how to get started. It can be daunting to start writing in a diary, so Planet Mindful is here to share some journaling prompts to kickstart your writing.

Daily reflection prompts

  • What am I grateful for today?
  • What challenged me today?
  • How could I have made today better?
  • What about today would I like to repeat tomorrow?
  • How did I look after myself today?

Creative writing prompts

  • Where will I be in 10 years? What did I do to get there? Who is essential in my life?
  • Write a letter to a past version of yourself; you could reflect on a challenging or happy time in your life and give your previous self some advice or wisdom.
  • Did you suffer some conflict today? Put yourself in the shoes of the person opposite you; how did they feel? How might they have perceived the conflict?
  • Plan your dream day; what do you do? Who do you spend time with? Why is it so great?
  • Have a look through Pinterest, Google Images or Instagram until you find a landscape or location that appeals to you. Place yourself in that location; what are you doing? Why are you there? Who is with you?

List writing prompts

  • What are three things you are looking forward to today or tomorrow?
  • How might your friends describe you? List some of the words you think or hope they’d use?
  • What have you achieved this week/month/year? List some of your proudest accomplishments.
  • List your favourite qualities about yourself.
  • What ten things do you hope to have achieved by this time next year?

For more information about the benefit of journaling, what it is, and how to get started, check out Sam Topley’s recent piece for Planet Mindful.

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