How to slow down (and enjoy life more!)

By Holly Johnson | May 30, 2022

Want to slow down and live ‘in the moment’? We explore 5 easy ways to do just that this summer

Kick back and enjoy the sunshine
  1. Get outside
    When we’re sitting at a desk all day juggling emails and Zoom calls, we can lose our sense of time and place. Reconnecting with nature is one of the easiest ways to slow down and feel more grounded. Why not try MIND’s June Dog Walking Challenge and use it as an excuse to get some fresh air and exercise? Leave your phone at home and focus on you, your four-legged friend and your surroundings. What can you see, hear and smell?
  2. Try breathwork
    Thanks to people like Wim Hof, breathwork is becoming a popular way to de-stress and slow down. When we take the time to breathe deeply, our thoughts are focused on our breath and nothing else – meaning time appears to slow down and we get the chance to pause for a moment or two. Try these simple breathing exercises.
  3. Set boundaries
    Do you feel like you rush from one thing to the next, saying ‘yes’ too often because you don’t allow yourself time to consider your options? Next time someone asks something of you, take your time to respond. By setting this simple boundary you are giving yourself space to decide what is right for you. In turn this will slow your decision process (and stop your to do list getting longer!). Living intentionally can help with your ability to set boundaries too.
  4. Spend time alone
    When we make time for solitude, we give ourselves space to breathe and switch off from the noise of the world around us. Try a guided visualisation, a short yoga session, or lying on grass in the sunshine to ground yourself. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, what sounds can you hear?
  5. Start journalling
    Writing down your thoughts each day is a great way to gain clarity and focus. Carve out 10 minutes every morning to sit down with your pen and notebook and just let the words flow. What is on your mind right now? What are you grateful for? There is no right or wrong way to journal – just by making this time for inner work you are slowing down and focusing on your needs.

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