Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Self-Care Tips

By planetm | July 16, 2021

Follow these top 5 recommendations for influencers that spread positivity, offer up their self care tips and help us practise some daily mindfulness, says Matilda Head

2021 has been a busy year. It’s common to feel as though you don’t have time to take a break. But, we’re all guilty of spending too much time on social media. With these accounts that excel in spreading positivity, self-care tips and wellness, you can have the best of both worlds during your social media break.


All about embracing life, chasing your joy, doing what makes you happy. Amy is a force of positivity and acknowledges that modern life is challenging and needing some self care tips for managing that stress does not mean you need ‘fixing.’


Not only does Cher post some of the most gorgeous food inspo on Instagram, but she also practises her own kind of ‘real and attainable wellness.’ Her daily affirmations and wellness advice are just what you need for a little boost.


Lauren is a beacon of positivity, self-care and advocacy for women’s health. As a sufferer of PCOS and IBS, she practices a holistic approach to wellness that takes hormone balance, mental and physical health and your overarching happiness into account. 


A PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology, Amy communicates her mental health advocacy and self-care tips through wonderful illustrations. Spreading positivity and mindfulness tips one doodle at a time, Amy’s account is one of Planet Mindful’s favourites.  


This wonderful account is lead by mother and daughter duo @peaceful_barb and @michellemaros. Their daily posts include quotes to prompt reflection and mindfulness. They also make short reels where they share tips and advice on topics such as finding your own happiness, forgiveness, and separating what you can and can’t control for a more fulfilling life.

Using Instagram for wellness inspiration is one of the best ways to fit brief moments of pause into a busy life.

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